Upcoming Poorly Poppets Session

Tuesday, 31st October 2017
£5 per family

Cairns Rd Baptist Church Bristol

Poorly Poppets - baby health advice Bristol

Our sessions provide new parents with advice about how to look after their babies when they are unwell. Poorly Poppets was established in 2011 by a GP and a paediatrician (Dr Woodbridge) who understand that, as parents, it can be a frightening time and that more information was needed.

It is still run by Dr Claire Perks, a local GP with a special interest in children's health, and a mother of three children. She is joined by Dr Ruth Bartlett, another local doctor and mother of three. We run a session approximately every quarter with the aim of giving new parents the confidence to recognise when their child is poorly, what to do and when to turn for help.

Whilst babies are busy feeding and growing in those first six months they will also be starting to build up their own immune system. They are meeting lots of new viruses all the time and this is important for that process. It is a normal part of growing up but it can make children poorly and cause sleepless nights for parents! With this in mind, we talk about the most common things your babies will come across in their first few years: temperatures, coughs and colds and tummy bugs. We also cover choking as we know this is on many parents minds.

The sessions are aimed at babies of approximately 4-8 months (i.e. once the dust has settled from their arrival and before they've had too many illnesses), but anyone is welcome. Do bring along your baby and any family members are also very welcome.

The Location - Cairns Rd Baptist Church, Bristol

The sessions are approximately an hour long and consist of a presentation followed by question time. They are held at Cairns Rd Baptist Church. There are loos, baby changing facilities and plenty of space for pushchairs. Cairns Rd is just off Coldharbour Rd in Westbury Park, Bristol, BS6 7TH. Please view a Google map of Cairns Rd Baptist Church for directions.

The hall is very large and we have microphones so everyone is welcome - the more the merrier - and there is no need to book. There will be a small charge of £5 to cover our costs.

The next class will be at 1:30pm Tuesday, 31st October 2017. Tea and coffee will be available from 1:00pm (please do not arrive before this as the hall will be busy).

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